Why Google Matters

The Importance of Google in Online Reputation Management

Why bad results on Google will hurt your professional career

As the internet gains greater and greater influence over modern society, individuals and businesses are finding it increasingly important to protect themselves from harmful material that may be posted on the internet. InternetReputation.com is one company that has built a living on reputation management. This industry has grown up to accommodate the need for people to deal with the slander and negativity that inevitably appears on the internet.

How Google Works

The most influential site on the web is widely considered to be Google. As the dominant search engine, Google is able to control the majority of searches that are performed, and is therefore a primary consideration for InternetReputation.com. The way that Google displays results is controlled by a series of algorithms. Websites that are considered to be spam or irrelevant are pushed to the bottom of the rankings, while fresh, original content is listed towards the top.

InternetReputation.com has developed an expertise in matters relating to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The techniques associated with these fields were created based on the requirements that cause Google to give a site a higher ranking. By understanding these algorithms, InternetReputation.com is able to work with the system to improve the results that appear in relation to a client’s name.

The Ranking System

The reason that InternetReputation.com finds it so necessary to collaborate with Google is because modern culture operates based on what it finds on the internet. For instance bad reviews of your business are likely to influence the decision of consumers and cause them go choose another establishment. On the other hand, if positive comments top your search results, you stand to gain floods of business.

Taking into account the heavy influence that Google has on your reputation as a business or as an individual, there is no good reason to not employ basic reputation management techniques. InternetReputation.com recommends hiring professional help to ensure that your internet reputation is positive and protected.


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