How Businesses Should Handle Yelp Reviews

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If you are a business, trying to build a strong internet reputation, negative reviews on a website as influential as Yelp can be devastating. is a company that is committed to offering assistance to business owners suffering from negative and often false reviews of their establishment. is unable to directly remove bad reviews, since Yelp has a firm policy on leaving reviews up unless they violates the online review giant’s terms of service. However, Yelp’s system for choosing which reviews to post often filters out positive reviews that Yelp deems to be spam. Without that positive feedback, businesses are often left with the few negative comments that could gravely hurt their business.

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Why Are Positive Yelp Reviews So Important?

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reviews on sites like Yelp because the growth of mobile search means that local patrons are searching for reviews online to determine every decision they make. If your business is pinned with harsh reviews, this local clientele is not going to give you business.

Reputation Management for Yelp has developed a number of strategies that generate a return of positive feedback for businesses despite a few negative comments on Yelp that are likely posted by the competition in an attempt to ruin a business.

Since,  is not allowed to delete Yelp reviews, they instead create alternate reviews that will be more likely to appear directly in search rankings. Search engines are the truest source of customer interest, so enough positive reviews will make a few negative Yelp comments seem negligible.

The goal of is to give you ultimate control of the publicity that governs your internet reputation. Don’t let the competition drown your business. Instead, take positive action to ensure your successful future in business with the assistance of

What is your strategy for coping with negative reviews?