Why Small Businesses Should Make Online Reputation Management a Top Marketing Priority

Making reputation management a top marketing priority for your small business will help your company succeed in ways you may have never even considered before. Reputation management for small businesses is so important these days, with online activity higher than ever and only continuing to increase. Studies continue to show that a vast majority of consumers look to the Internet to get reviews of a business and its services before choosing which to patronize. Maintaining a great online reputation and exercising good reputation management will help ensure that when potential customers are looking for a small business to patronize, yours is at the top of the list.

Beyond the potential increase in traffic, reputation management for small business should be a top marketing priority so that you are presenting the most polished, professional side of your business to the world. Let’s face it – the Internet is the world, and if your company looks shabby in Google results, it’s going to affect every aspect of your business, top to bottom. On the other hand, if your business name comes up as the top hit in search engines and your social media presence is second to none, you can expect to generate tons of traffic and self-generating buzz, which will propel your small business to the top in no time flat.

Reputation management for small business is no cakewalk; it takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to get your online presence where it needs to be. If the time commitment is proving too great, and you need to focus on the other aspects of running a successful small business, there are a host of good reputation management services out there ready and willing to go to work for you. Be sure to choose wisely – it wouldn’t hurt to check their online reputation, would it?

Reputation Management Trends for 2014

InternetReputation.com Announces Outlook on Reputation Management Trends in 2014

There are several important reputation management trends in 2014. InternetReputation.com works to stay ahead of these trends for better, more effective reputation management.

Reputation management is an excellent way to maintain control over one’s online image. Effectively managing one’s online reputation can take the worry out of online negativity and help to establish a positive rapport with other people, businesses and important decision-making institutions.

5 Reputation Management Trends to Watch for in 2014

InternetReputation.com is aware of several reputation management trends in 2014. Below are a few trends to maintain awareness and stay ahead of in 2014:

  1. Ever-Increasing Use of Sites like Pinterest and Instagram. 2013 saw a dramatic rise in popularity of these two sites, and the trend is expected to experience continued growth in 2014. The maintenance of a strong and positive presence on these two sites is more crucial than ever.
  2. Establishing a Narrative. Establishing a strong and consistent idea about one’s self is highly-recommended by InternetReputation.com. A consistent narrative helps to reinforce positive messages about a person or business and continues to grow in importance. This action continues to grow as an effective way to combat the persistence of online negativity.
  3. The Continual Growth of Online Video Popularity. The technicians at InternetReputation.com see continued growth of online video postings in 2014. The trend does not seem to be slowing, creating a potentially damaging source of negative information that may create havoc for personal reputations. It may be more important than ever to keep close track of personal videos and where, when and how often they are posted.
  4. Continued Spread of Reputation Management from Retail to Professional. Though still a relatively new industry, reputation management has traditionally been employed by restaurants and retailers. Recently, however, reputation management firms have experienced a more diverse clientele. InternetReputation.com provides services to a wide array of people, including many business and career professionals. This promises to continue well into the future.
  5. Increased Use of Smaller Management Firms. Smaller reputation management companies like InternetReputation.com are great alternative to large firms. They can offer reputation management that is better-tailored to each individual client, which can translate into better service and more effective reputation strategy.

InternetReputation.com is constantly monitoring trends in reputation management and working to stay well ahead of potential reputation dangers. The technicians at InternetReputation.com do their best to keep clients reputations working for them, highlighting just how important it is to keep up with an ever-changing online environment.

New reputation management trends continue to pop-up. InternetReputation.com is aware of and ready for changes in online atmosphere.

Why You Can’t Rely on the California Revenge Porn Law to Protect Your Reputation


Revenge porn is the practice of posting nude pictures of someone with the express intent of destroying their reputation. Often these pictures are given to the original poster in confidence, usually in the context of a romantic relationship. The culprit is usually an ex; this is so iconic that one of the sites where this phenomenon takes place is named MyEx. com. Currently, this practice is legal in most states.

In fact, photographs aren’t the only reputation threat. Usually the original poster adds some sort of angry commentary, and usually that content is more than slanderous. One needs a strong stomach to read some of what is said even on a single page of MyEx.com. All of this is paired with the victim’s personal information. Accusations of prostitution and drug abuse are common, as is commentary on the victim’s prowess in bed.

We had high hopes for the California Revenge Porn law when it was first introduced. But unfortunately, the final verdict is in, and it looks like it’s not going to do much to protect victims.

A recent article in Forbes outlined every single loophole and exception that the law contains. The selfie exception (which exempts 80% of revenge porn victims) has already been well-discussed. But the other exceptions will do plenty to ensure that the other 20% can’t get much in the way of justice, either. The author of the article professed that he would be surprised if we see many prosecutions under the law.

From a reputation management standpoint the big issue is the issue of redistribution. The only person who is facing criminal penalties under California law is the very first person who posted the picture.

Someone else can pick up the picture, display it to 500 friends on Facebook, and face no criminal penalties whatsoever. Or they can copy it to their blog or even scrape it to start their own site.

The viral nature of the Internet plays into all of the reasons why it is difficult to protect an online reputation in the first place. Without a vast network of resources and tools at your disposal it can be a little like playing a high-stakes game of whack-a-mole. You can remove one photograph only to find six or seven more popping up in its place.

Fortunately, for victims in California (and the other 48 states that do not have revenge porn laws on the books), the legal system is not the only way to shut down revenge porn. Reputation management companies, like InternetReputation.com, specialize in getting photographs removed from places like MyEx.com, restoring your reputation, your safety, and your peace of mind online. InternetReputation.com can end the game of whack-a-mole in as little as 72 hours, removing all negative content and replacing it with a web presence that anyone would be proud to have.

It won’t punish your tormenter. But sometimes, moving on and having a happy life is the best revenge of all.

Hide and Go Search: How Online Reputation Management Works

Online reputation management can be confusing to many new to the term. What it really means is the act of monitoring, tracking, and repairing any potential threats to reputation readily found on the internet. Online reputation management plays a part in ensuring that, when searching for an individual or large company, the most pertinent information is shown at the very top of the search results page as opposed to potentially damaging information.

Online reputation management often uses customer feedback in addition to fresh, relevant content to push down negative search results in the queue. While some professional online reputation management companies offer the option of completely removing negative content from the internet, even individuals with basic knowledge of online reputation management practices can at least increase the popularity of the most relevant search results by publishing compelling content that attracts readers.

In essence, the more popular a page is, the higher it ranks in the search results. For many professionals and businesses, a scathing review (warranted or not) or damaging comments may receive a higher ranking in search results, garnering a negative first impression that does not accurately represent the individual or company in question.

To combat this occurrence, an online reputation management plan can effectively promote search results that highlight the best and most relevant image of a person or brand. Allowing your potential clients to receive an accurate picture of the person you are or services your business offers, online reputation management is invaluable in today’s society in preserving a positive professional image.

While techniques in this field continue to be developed and implemented, online reputation management is becoming a necessity for everyone in the online community.

In addition, online reputation management services can effectively increase traffic to yourself or your brand on the internet. By increasing the opportunities for clients to easily access your content, online reputation management can increase traffic, and, in effect, increase revenue.

How to Deal with Negative Internet Content

Tips to Deal with Negative Content on the Internet

InternetReputation.com is sympathetic to the plight of an internet user who is suffering from the effects of damaging internet content. Whether the problem is caused by an online mugshot, a negative business review, or slanderous blog postings, InternetReputation.com has the tools to deal with the problem so that the individual can resume his or her life with a positive online image.

Negative posts can create a myriad of problems if you are an individual, and perhaps even more for businesses. Your professional aspirations can be harmed, and any company that you are associated with could lose business. Therefore, if you find that you are the target of harmful content, take swift action to counteract the effects. Internet reputation firms like InternetReputation.com can help you to remove or hide these kinds of pages.

A Proactive Response

InternetReputation.com’s most important advice for you is to respond to the criticism instead of ignoring it. If unaddressed, the problem may progress and become more serious. For instance, if you are stuck with a harsh comment on your business’ Facebook page, a proactive way to deal with the situation is to respond in public and take action to correct any complaints the user might have voiced, however small. Negative content such as mugshots require a more complex reaction, as you must contact the website in some way in order to have the mugshot removed.

The longer negative content is available, the more time it has to spread and cause damage. InternetReputation.com encourages you to act immediately in order to contain the spread of information. Once content gets out of your control, you will likely continue to see it popup for years to come.

Finally, seek expert assistance. Especially in cases involving slander or embarrassing images, a more involved method of repressing the problem needs to be implemented, so techniques like the ones employed at InternetReputation.com are almost necessary for true reputation protection.

4 Reputation Management Tips from InternetReputation.com

Reputation Management Advice by InternetReputation.com

Whether you have a strong or weak internet reputation, you probably realize that you are susceptible to online attacks on your character. InternetReputation.com understands this concern, so the company has developed a sophisticated reputation management system that controls negative publicity, generates positive press, and protects you against future issues.

Maintain Control of Your Online Presence 

Control Your Online Presence

Damaging content spreads quickly across the web, so as you develop a system for protecting yourself, remember that reputation management requires constant vigilance. As soon as a problem arises, immediate action must be taken to contain the damage . All facets of your online presence must be considered, including every aspect of social media, your website(s) and, especially for those running a business, local, mobile and primary web search engines.

Dealing with a Reputation Crisis

When a crisis arises, a quick reaction is advisable to curb or remove the content. Maybe a website will post your mugshot, or your business will get a bad review on Yelp. Whatever the problem, an organized and efficient company like InternetReputation.com is prepared with the tools to get rid of your negative presence.

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