Managing Your Reputation on Doctor Reviews Webites

People seeking quality healthcare professionals for treatment now have a variety of options on the web. Top doctor review websites, such as, and put millions of patients in contact with a variety of diverse healthcare specialists, allowing them to not only browse through potential care givers, but also to examine a professional’s history and training background. Unfortunately for healthcare professionals, however, many patients use these sites to leave negative comments about medical caregivers, which can have disastrous effects on a professional’s reputation and career. Negative online doctor reviews can mean trouble for a healthcare business, and sometimes even lead to career devastation. It’s important for healthcare professionals to maintain careful monitoring of their listing on these potentially harmful doctor review sites. Medical professionals should be aware of the measures they can take to successfully manage doctor reviews and ratings, and regain control over their online reputations. online doctor reviews management

Can Physicians remove negative online reviews and bad ratings that they don’t want people to see?

In most cases there are no options to remove reviews from the major doctor review sites.  However, there are a few ways that medical professionals can get their bad reviews removed, but only when one of the circumstances specified below apply.  Top doctor reviews and ratings websites like, RateMDs, and provide options for medical professionals to remove unnecessary and potentially harmful reviews, thus allowing doctors to better manage their professional reputation. Online doctor reviews can generally be removed from these sites if they fall under one of the three different criteria headings below.

  • Grossly Unfair. Doctor review websites like or RateMds allow doctors to request removal of any review that is considered ridiculous, is not intended for that professional’s practice, or if the review is mere hearsay.
  • Racist/Sexist/Vulgar. Removal of online doctor reviews that use foul language, are discriminatory or that make unfounded accusations is a common practice. Requesting the removal of a review that meets the above criteria can help doctors quickly weed out inflammatory and unfounded reviews.
  • Website Policy Violations. If a doctor review is posted multiple times, is an obvious commercial solicitation or was written by an impersonator, than that review can be flagged and requested for removal. Top Doctor Review sites provide for easy removal options for reviews that abuse or violate site policy.

Doctor review sites like,, and others provide doctors with ample opportunity to manage doctor reviews. Each site provides step by step procedures on how to approach and carry out the review dispute process. Though often the review dispute process make sometimes take between 2-3 weeks, it is most assuredly a powerful tool for effective doctor review management. Another way to combat the effects of negative doctor reviews is to encourage patients to post positive reviews. Reminding patients that they have the option to post a review allows them to be more interactive about their treatment and can help medical professionals better suppress bad doctor reviews and help to protect the online reputation of their medical practice.

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Bad Reviews, Your Internet Reputation and Your Business’ Bottom Line

How Bad Online Reviews Affect Your Reputation and Business

Bad reviews are an unfortunate side effect of running a business. Most companies, regardless of the quality of service or product they provide consumers, will at some point be forced to cope with the effects of a negative review.

A bad online review, however, is a whole different beast; one that can have a far-reaching and extremely negative impact on your business’s bottom line. With hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways for consumers to leave negative online reviews, it becomes more difficult than ever to protect and preserve your company’s positive online reputation. Bad reviews can dissuade a customer from considering your product, hurt customer loyalty and lead to the development of product forums that expose your company to even more negative publicity.

The bad part is over...

Online reviews have achieved such relevance because they are often a consumer’s first source for product or service information. Surveys show that consumers’ reliance on online review sites to help make purchasing decision in on the rise. Review sites are easy to access and many tend to receive high visibility in search engine rankings. It is even possible for a bad online review to receive a prominent and highly-visible ranking on a search page, providing consumers with a potentially harmful first impression of your business.

Improve Online Reviews

An unsatisfied customer can help to create a firestorm for your business simply by posting a low-star ranking or negative comment about your company. A multitude of bad online reviews can damage consumer perception of your company, hurt your company’s relationships with other businesses, affect your sales and profit margins, damage your online credibility and leaving a lasting and negative impact on your online reputation. By damaging your online image, bad reviews can even give your competitors the opportunity to win your customers over.

There is hope for businesses that have a bad reputation because of negative online reviews

It is not, however, completely hopeless; there is help! You can fight the effects of bad online reviews by maintaining a proactive and positive approach to your company’s reputation management. By establishing customer forums, making effective use of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and keeping your consumers informed of the actions taken to correct any problems, you can at least provide your company the opportunity to preserve its online reputation.

Effective and positive online reputation management may often times seem like a daunting, perhaps impossible task. With the proper techniques and a professional management approach, however, you can begin to put up a strong and effective protective barrier against the damage done by bad online reviews.

How Businesses Should Handle Yelp Reviews

Remove Yelp Reviews with

If you are a business, trying to build a strong internet reputation, negative reviews on a website as influential as Yelp can be devastating. is a company that is committed to offering assistance to business owners suffering from negative and often false reviews of their establishment. is unable to directly remove bad reviews, since Yelp has a firm policy on leaving reviews up unless they violates the online review giant’s terms of service. However, Yelp’s system for choosing which reviews to post often filters out positive reviews that Yelp deems to be spam. Without that positive feedback, businesses are often left with the few negative comments that could gravely hurt their business.

beat bad online reviews

Why Are Positive Yelp Reviews So Important?

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reviews on sites like Yelp because the growth of mobile search means that local patrons are searching for reviews online to determine every decision they make. If your business is pinned with harsh reviews, this local clientele is not going to give you business.

Reputation Management for Yelp has developed a number of strategies that generate a return of positive feedback for businesses despite a few negative comments on Yelp that are likely posted by the competition in an attempt to ruin a business.

Since,  is not allowed to delete Yelp reviews, they instead create alternate reviews that will be more likely to appear directly in search rankings. Search engines are the truest source of customer interest, so enough positive reviews will make a few negative Yelp comments seem negligible.

The goal of is to give you ultimate control of the publicity that governs your internet reputation. Don’t let the competition drown your business. Instead, take positive action to ensure your successful future in business with the assistance of

What is your strategy for coping with negative reviews?