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When the reputation of your medical practice is under attack online, you need the help of an experienced internet reputation management company, like One disgruntled patient with a grudge and a little spare time can write reviews that could siphon away hundreds of patients, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the team of reputation repair experts at has worked with doctors to develop proven solutions that will amend the damage and get the online reputation of your medical practice back on track.

The Top 5 Tips for Doctors

While every reputation attack on a medical professional is different, these 5 tips from the team of internet reputation management experts at will come in handy for most physicians looking to improve or repair their presence online:

  1. Keep your cool. An attack often feels personal, and in many ways, it is. Patients who share terrible stories on social sites can be hateful and hurtful. But, reputation management for doctors is easier when the doctors don’t make the problem worse. That means you absolutely, positively must stay calm when a patient attacks you. Don’t stoop to the level of counterattack.
  2. Assess the damage. Is the attack on Facebook, or has it spread to Twitter, too? Are there secondary attacks on Yelp? How about Angie’s List? The more you know about where the problems are coming from, the better doctor reputation management plan you can pull together.
  3. Rally the troops. How many people have access to your social accounts? Can you trust these people not to attack your attackers? If you have plenty of helpers and not a lot of calm, lock down your passwords and take control.
  4. Plan your response. Great doctor reputation management begins with great communication. Some complainers just want to feel as though doctors are listening and that they care. Sometimes, a simple request for a private conversation can give patients what they want, so they won’t attack.
  5. Get the help of There’s a lot that doctors can do alone, but reputation management experts can really fix the problem at the base level with proven internet reputation management services like monitoring, content generation, removal of negative remarks and bad reviews, and search engine suppression. Contacting could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Why Small Businesses Should Make Online Reputation Management a Top Marketing Priority

Making reputation management a top marketing priority for your small business will help your company succeed in ways you may have never even considered before. Reputation management for small businesses is so important these days, with online activity higher than ever and only continuing to increase. Studies continue to show that a vast majority of consumers look to the Internet to get reviews of a business and its services before choosing which to patronize. Maintaining a great online reputation and exercising good reputation management will help ensure that when potential customers are looking for a small business to patronize, yours is at the top of the list.

Beyond the potential increase in traffic, reputation management for small business should be a top marketing priority so that you are presenting the most polished, professional side of your business to the world. Let’s face it – the Internet is the world, and if your company looks shabby in Google results, it’s going to affect every aspect of your business, top to bottom. On the other hand, if your business name comes up as the top hit in search engines and your social media presence is second to none, you can expect to generate tons of traffic and self-generating buzz, which will propel your small business to the top in no time flat.

Reputation management for small business is no cakewalk; it takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to get your online presence where it needs to be. If the time commitment is proving too great, and you need to focus on the other aspects of running a successful small business, there are a host of good reputation management services out there ready and willing to go to work for you. Be sure to choose wisely – it wouldn’t hurt to check their online reputation, would it?

Reputation Management Techniques to Boost Results

Reputation management practices help to guarantee one’s control over what a searcher sees in the results page. It is difficult to think of anyone that would intentionally foster a negative image of themselves in person or online. That being said, negative pieces of information can crop up in newspapers as well as online and can cause seemingly irreparable harm to one’s reputation. Thus, there is a great need for reputation management strategies for anyone with an online presence. Reputation management can also provide a solution for those seeking to direct traffic to their personal sites.

Reputation Management can Improve Website Results

Boost Results with Reputation Management

So, XYZ Doll company decides to engage in a reputation management plan and releases fresh, new content about toy dolls in multiple places around the internet. Over time, reputation management techniques result in boosting traffic towards XYZ Doll company whenever someone searches the term “toy doll.”

Reputation management has evolved in conjunction with technology throughout the years. As personal lives have become less personal over time with the advances in media, reputation management has become more important as a result. An additional benefit to reputation management is the ability to direct traffic towards a particular website. For example, if XYZ Doll company specializes in making toy dolls, when the term “toy doll” is searched, ideally that company would like to be amongst the first few link options presented.

Benefit by Promoting the Positive

Reputation management tactics are applied in nearly all industries as a means to ensure the most relevant public image is presented online. Reputation management practices have been able to save individuals and businesses time and money over the years by ensuring relevant search results are the first choice for potential customers. Providing the added benefit of actually generating potential business, reputation management is an invaluable investment for any serious professional and can be essential in building a brand.

Hide and Go Search: How Online Reputation Management Works

Online reputation management can be confusing to many new to the term. What it really means is the act of monitoring, tracking, and repairing any potential threats to reputation readily found on the internet. Online reputation management plays a part in ensuring that, when searching for an individual or large company, the most pertinent information is shown at the very top of the search results page as opposed to potentially damaging information.

Online reputation management often uses customer feedback in addition to fresh, relevant content to push down negative search results in the queue. While some professional online reputation management companies offer the option of completely removing negative content from the internet, even individuals with basic knowledge of online reputation management practices can at least increase the popularity of the most relevant search results by publishing compelling content that attracts readers.

In essence, the more popular a page is, the higher it ranks in the search results. For many professionals and businesses, a scathing review (warranted or not) or damaging comments may receive a higher ranking in search results, garnering a negative first impression that does not accurately represent the individual or company in question.

To combat this occurrence, an online reputation management plan can effectively promote search results that highlight the best and most relevant image of a person or brand. Allowing your potential clients to receive an accurate picture of the person you are or services your business offers, online reputation management is invaluable in today’s society in preserving a positive professional image.

While techniques in this field continue to be developed and implemented, online reputation management is becoming a necessity for everyone in the online community.

In addition, online reputation management services can effectively increase traffic to yourself or your brand on the internet. By increasing the opportunities for clients to easily access your content, online reputation management can increase traffic, and, in effect, increase revenue.

How Businesses Should Handle Yelp Reviews

Remove Yelp Reviews with

If you are a business, trying to build a strong internet reputation, negative reviews on a website as influential as Yelp can be devastating. is a company that is committed to offering assistance to business owners suffering from negative and often false reviews of their establishment. is unable to directly remove bad reviews, since Yelp has a firm policy on leaving reviews up unless they violates the online review giant’s terms of service. However, Yelp’s system for choosing which reviews to post often filters out positive reviews that Yelp deems to be spam. Without that positive feedback, businesses are often left with the few negative comments that could gravely hurt their business.

beat bad online reviews

Why Are Positive Yelp Reviews So Important?

Business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reviews on sites like Yelp because the growth of mobile search means that local patrons are searching for reviews online to determine every decision they make. If your business is pinned with harsh reviews, this local clientele is not going to give you business.

Reputation Management for Yelp has developed a number of strategies that generate a return of positive feedback for businesses despite a few negative comments on Yelp that are likely posted by the competition in an attempt to ruin a business.

Since,  is not allowed to delete Yelp reviews, they instead create alternate reviews that will be more likely to appear directly in search rankings. Search engines are the truest source of customer interest, so enough positive reviews will make a few negative Yelp comments seem negligible.

The goal of is to give you ultimate control of the publicity that governs your internet reputation. Don’t let the competition drown your business. Instead, take positive action to ensure your successful future in business with the assistance of

What is your strategy for coping with negative reviews?


How to Deal with Negative Internet Content

Tips to Deal with Negative Content on the Internet is sympathetic to the plight of an internet user who is suffering from the effects of damaging internet content. Whether the problem is caused by an online mugshot, a negative business review, or slanderous blog postings, has the tools to deal with the problem so that the individual can resume his or her life with a positive online image.

Negative posts can create a myriad of problems if you are an individual, and perhaps even more for businesses. Your professional aspirations can be harmed, and any company that you are associated with could lose business. Therefore, if you find that you are the target of harmful content, take swift action to counteract the effects. Internet reputation firms like can help you to remove or hide these kinds of pages.

A Proactive Response’s most important advice for you is to respond to the criticism instead of ignoring it. If unaddressed, the problem may progress and become more serious. For instance, if you are stuck with a harsh comment on your business’ Facebook page, a proactive way to deal with the situation is to respond in public and take action to correct any complaints the user might have voiced, however small. Negative content such as mugshots require a more complex reaction, as you must contact the website in some way in order to have the mugshot removed.

The longer negative content is available, the more time it has to spread and cause damage. encourages you to act immediately in order to contain the spread of information. Once content gets out of your control, you will likely continue to see it popup for years to come.

Finally, seek expert assistance. Especially in cases involving slander or embarrassing images, a more involved method of repressing the problem needs to be implemented, so techniques like the ones employed at are almost necessary for true reputation protection.

Why Google Matters

The Importance of Google in Online Reputation Management

Why bad results on Google will hurt your professional career

As the internet gains greater and greater influence over modern society, individuals and businesses are finding it increasingly important to protect themselves from harmful material that may be posted on the internet. is one company that has built a living on reputation management. This industry has grown up to accommodate the need for people to deal with the slander and negativity that inevitably appears on the internet.

How Google Works

The most influential site on the web is widely considered to be Google. As the dominant search engine, Google is able to control the majority of searches that are performed, and is therefore a primary consideration for The way that Google displays results is controlled by a series of algorithms. Websites that are considered to be spam or irrelevant are pushed to the bottom of the rankings, while fresh, original content is listed towards the top. has developed an expertise in matters relating to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The techniques associated with these fields were created based on the requirements that cause Google to give a site a higher ranking. By understanding these algorithms, is able to work with the system to improve the results that appear in relation to a client’s name.

The Ranking System

The reason that finds it so necessary to collaborate with Google is because modern culture operates based on what it finds on the internet. For instance bad reviews of your business are likely to influence the decision of consumers and cause them go choose another establishment. On the other hand, if positive comments top your search results, you stand to gain floods of business.

Taking into account the heavy influence that Google has on your reputation as a business or as an individual, there is no good reason to not employ basic reputation management techniques. recommends hiring professional help to ensure that your internet reputation is positive and protected.